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Q: What is the one thing that first draws you to a new role? Is it the story itself or the range of emotions you will have to tap into within yourself to perfect the persona of the character/role you will be playing?
A: There is no one thing and certainly not to emotions that draw me... the script itself sometimes is the thing, the director, the other players, folks I want to work with because I know their work or because I hold a belief in a talent or idea...these are new to me though I have usually for most of my career worked because I have been asked
Q: Have you ever been 'mistaken' for one of your characters on the street? What was that like?
A: No not that... More that people recognize me and are not sure from where.
Q: What do they tell you before you get the oscars? Do they prep you about what to do if you win? Do they warn you when your category is, so you don't go to the bathroom at the wrong time?
A: The Nomminee lunch a few weeks before the Oscars is a bit of a prep, they give some guidelines and beg you to be brief and dramatic..and warn you of the acctual time limit... It is a live televised show and you know when your catagory is and there are unseen helpers in the audiance who check that the nominees are seated and very quitely keep the show rolling along.
Q: What was the best location shoot you've ever done? What was the worst?
A: I love to work I love to go to new places...so no worts or bests for me the travel the change I love it all
Q: Law & Order: Criminal Intent - I know that this is not your first foray into the Law and Order pantheon of shows.. was there any concern from show execs that you would be recognized from previous roles?
Your characterization was so subtle in this episode... I was hoping you'd outsmart the detective.. he's too 'perfect'... wayyy too perfect... we need someone to stick it to him.
How was this job similar and different to your other appearances with the L&O franchise?
Which appearance has been your favorite?
Most challenging?
How do you always manage to look fantastic, even under those harsh lights?
A: I have only had a hard time from that in terms of they being worried I am K. Howard.
Great idea!!
I felt on more solid ground going into this ,I bearly remember my first episode years ago, next I was the awfull killer dog owner lawyer, my husband from that played the Buffallo DA in this most recent one.
MY old pal, the DP from Homicide directed this last one that I had simply been "offered" they put me up at a hotel in NYC so I guess I had the best time most recently.
Also the most challenging, D'Onofrio is a bore and worse, rude and utterly self involved, so to not rise to his goading, gain his respect and continue to do my work was in the end some of the "fun".
Oh do I? Perhaps, water, diet exersise, and make up. I actually did two weeks of intense physical training to prep for the role.
Q: Homicide - In the Episode "Bop Gun" at the end of the 2nd season, you worked with Robin Williams. What was it like to work with him? He's known mainly for his comedic skills, was it a noticable effort for him to 'shift gears'? If so... how hard is it to interact with an actor that doesn't feel comfortable in a role?
A: Hey Raye, sunny and cold here in NY im on my way west to San Fran to be a guest on a TV pilot, seeing it from the start watch how Homicide changes as the years pass on TV. Robin is well, mostly withdrawn often unbearably funny, just off the cuff riffing on whatever is happening, he is enormously considerate and dear, it was a pleasure acting with him. He took it very seriously and was "present" and generous two highly important peices to enjoyable good acting.
An actor who dosen't feel comfortable in the role is like a pair of shoes too small its never good for them and those around them feel their discomfort. Robin knew exactly how to use his own awkwardness in the role, a role he was very right for. He's deep and serious and smart and can not help but be funny, can not help it.
Q: 1. Do you think there is a prayer "Fear of Fiction" will ever be released (or re-released)? None of your fans ever had a chance to see it.
2. Did you enjoy seeing Secor again on the "Mars" set? I have to say I really think Dick Wolfe missed the boat by not having you as a replacement for our beloved Jerry Orbach, rather than casting another sixty-ish white guy.
A: 1. I doubt that Fear of Fiction will ever be seen, how does anyone even know about it?
A (from Raye): Ah.. the magic of IMDB :)
A: 2. Although I ran into Kyle at the top of Runyon Canyon in LA last year I never saw him on the Mars set, would have loved to he's really good people.
Q: Hide and Seek - I think I was left hanging... I thought they were building up to something about Laura and her husband... then nothing... were there scenes that we didn't see? It seemed like a red herring to me.
A: The script never held together. That was all there was to it. Red herring is the best description. I heard tell Mr. De Niro was fulfilling a contract obligation with 20th Century. There had been another script that fell through and so he did this instead. Polson the director was great to work with and Bob seemed to like him too.
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