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Melissa plays Toni Bernette, Civil Rights Attorney in Treme, HBO's New Orleans Post Katrina drama.

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Screencaptures from Season One Episodes

March 28, 2010 update: Having a great time here in New Orleans! And really excited to share the show with everyone! Sit back relax and enjoy April 11th! And for nine episodes beyond... ML

Previously, Melissa worked with fellow cast member, Khandi Alexander, in the film Streetwalkin'

Melissa on Filming Treme & Meeting up with an old friend:

To remeet and work with Khandi has been one of the great joys of joining TREME....
we adore each other and have almost too much fun when we get scenes together...
We giggle with each other and know that our past has brought our future and the key to all for sure is 'keepagoing'!...
many other reunions on this set..
Crew local and from around the country, writers and producers are teaming with folks I have known for years...
We shoot a lot like film with big budget scripts (really Good) and TV time (super fast)

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