True Adolescents

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Craig Johnson's poised and poignant first feature follows Sam (Mark Duplass), an, unbeknownst to him, washed-up rocker in the early stages of haggard.
Jobless and apartment-less, he crashes with his aunt (a compassionate Melissa Leo) as a last resort and becomes reluctant camping-trip chaperone
to her teenage son and a pal. That the three males are on par, maturity-wise, makes for engaging ensemble juvenilia.
But in the stirring Pacific Northwest wilderness a surprising discovery turns dire -- and the distance from boy to man must be covered overnight.
Duplass's ballsy and at times balls-out performance is a winner, particularly when Sam at long last takes stock of himself: it ain't pretty.


"Melissa Leo is luminous as sympathetic aunt Sharon who takes Sam in yet again when grown-up life has gone over his head; even frazzled and frustrated, she manages to radiate such warm-hearted compassion that the screen fairly glows every time she’s on camera." —Zee Grega / SeattleMet Blog

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