Movie Premiere at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

Melissa awarded "Special Jury Mention" for her performance.

Jury Comments: We would like to honor one actress with a Special Jury Mention. For her embracing and visceral performance in The Space Between, we want to recognize Melissa Leo.

Melissa's reaction to the honor - "I was surprised and delighted at the Tribeca Jury's special mention of my performance in 'The Space Between'... I love that festival and wish I had been present to hear the announcement... I am nonetheless touched by this special recognition."

Written and Directed by Travis Fine, The Space Between is a strong character driven story
that isn't afraid to stare straight into the hearts of two very different people thrown together by tragedy.

Logline: Montine McLeod, a lonely flight attendant, and Omar Hassan, a 10 year-old Arab-American boy, are on a plane that is grounded in Amarillo, Texas
on the morning of September 11th, 2001. But when Montine discovers that Omars father works in the World Trade Center, she is forced to drive the boy
back home to his uncertain future in New York City.
Set against the backdrop of 9/11, Montine and Omars trip across the country becomes a journey of discovery, redemption, acceptance and ultimately hope...

Prior to this film, Melissa Leo and Travis Fine first worked together on the ABC Television Series: The Young Riders.

Photos from the Set

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Interview with the cast of "The Space Between"
FilmMaker Magazine's columnist, Jason Guerrasio, says:
Best Performance
Melissa Leo in The Space Between. Leo plays a grumpy airline stewardess who after her flight is grounded on 9/11 has to watch over one of her passengers, a Pakistani-American boy. But when she learns that his father works at the World Trade Center she decides to take him back to New York.
Leo portrays the character of Montine with aching despair as we learn the deep-seeded demons that have driven her away from most of the people who love her (and into the bottle). Its a tour-de-force performance that rivals that of her Oscar nominated role in Frozen River.
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