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Melissa's Film Roles
The Fighter: Awards Nominated & Won
Dear Lemon Lima: Production Photos & Note from Writer/Director
Righteous Kill: Screencaps
Racing Daylight: Production Photos & Trailer
Stephanie's Image: Production Photos
True Adolescents: Picture, Press & Summary
The Space Between: Information & Pictures
24 Hour Woman: Screencaps
American Gun: Screencaps
The Limbo Room: Screencaps
Runaway: Screencaps
Don McKay: Screencaps & Trailer
Lullaby: Screencaps
Patch: Photos, director comments
One Night: Photos, Video, DVD info
Black Irish: Photos
Mr. Woodcock: Photos
This is a Story About Ted and Alice: Pictures
A Time of Destiny: Pictures
21 Grams: Photos, Q&A, Press, Movie Premier Photos
The Alphabet Killer: Pictures and Quote
Frozen River: Pictures, Media and Reviews
Hide and Seek: Pictures
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada: Pictures
Confess: Pictures
Silent Witness: Pictures
Deadtime Stories: Pictures
The Space Between: To Begin Filming
Carolina Skeletons: Pictures
Melissa's Television Roles
Shark: Screencaps
Law & Order: "Sweeps": Screencaps
Treme: Season 1 Screencaps
Treme: Pictures, Video & Comments
Law & Order: "Persona non Grata": Screencaps
Homicide: Personal Photos
The Young Riders: Interview and PhotosFrom Trail Tales: The Young Riders
Veronica Mars: Screencaps
Scarlett (Mini Series): Screencaps
Legacy: Photo & Memories
The L Word: Screencaps
CSI: "Harvest": Screencaps
Cold Case: "Thrill Kill": Screencaps
Criminal Minds: "No Way Out": Screencaps
Melissa's Theater Roles
Vagina Monologues: Photo & Memories
Tongue of a Bird: Photo & Memories
A Touch of the Poet: Photo & Memories
Other Performances/Appearances
Rosendale Theatre, NY
Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa"
Howard Zinn's The People Speak
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