This is YOUR chance to tell Melissa which of her films/series/guest roles/etc. is YOUR favorite!

What do you like about it?
What set it apart from her other work?

Go ahead and send in your thoughts... we'll post it here for everyone to see!

Kay Eakin says:
I was so pleased to recognize Melissa Leo in "The Three Burials...." last week. I was a big fan of her in "Homicide" and have not seen her since. She is an excellent actress, and I hope to have other opportunities to watch her work. Please pass on my good wishes.
Jeff Whyte says:
Was Melissa Leo in the movie Hide and Seek with Robert DeNiro? If not, the actress appearing in the movie playing the neighbour was brilliant. It reminded me of the fine performance given by Melinda Dillon in Absence of Malice.

Wendy W (Nac, TX) says:
My first introduction to Melissa Leo was in 1989 in her role as Emma Shannon in The Young Riders. It’s hard for me to explain why I connected with her character the way I did. Perhaps it was the true strength she displayed and the caring she gave to her "boys". When she vowed that they wouldn’t be orphans as long as she was around, I knew Emma meant that promise.

I was 14 when The Young Riders first aired. During those rough and uncertain years of adolescence, it’s very hard to find anyone who you think cares enough to understand. Perhaps I thought Emma was that type of person. Over the next year, we were shown true depth, love and sprit through Emma. She was a quintessential model of a frontier woman and a model to many other young girls.

I was amazed in many ways by the intensity that Melissa gave to Emma. Her abilities as an actress always inspired me and her skills showed in every scene. My favorite scenes in particular were the ones with Josh Brolin. There was a great and undeniable chemistry between Josh and Melissa. It never seemed like they were trying too hard to hold the scene together—they were comfortable in their surroundings and the scene just flowed from there. They complimented each other’s talent and it was always exciting to watch every move they made together—like a perfect dance. (And that still holds true today.)

During the second season of The Young Riders, it broke my heart during the first episode to see that Sam and Emma wouldn’t be there. We were given a feeble explanation of their absence, but it never fully explained the reasons. With Melissa and Brett gone, there was a void that was never filled—no matter who they brought in to replace them. It would be nearly 6 years before I found out why Melissa and Brett left, and it still upsets me. Too many young girls who seek out a role model with depth, wisdom, heart, soul and above all—moral and values—lost a great teacher that year. She was taken away from us and the show was never the same.

I hope Melissa understands what Emma meant to so many others and me. When I think back to my teen years, I sometimes think of them as having two mothers. Emma was like my second mother and she always will be. During that one year that she was with us, she left such an impression on me to do better, to be better and live life as a better person.

My gratitude goes out to Melissa for that. And because of her inspiration and strength, I dabbled into writing fan fiction, which strengthened my skills and ability as a writer. And still, any story I write (or brainstorm on) for TYR fan fiction, is always set in the first season (which is the only season I consider.) It’s a small comfort and joy I have and I always delight in "writing for Emma".

So once again, Melissa, thank you for bringing us Emma. Her legacy still lives on in your many fans, and we still follow you in all of your other and new endeavors.

Thank you for the inspiration and heart. God bless…

Erika J (Phoenix, AZ) says:
I know Melissa has done a lot of work before and a lot of work since, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for feisty, yet vunerable Kay Howard, who is still the only single woman on TV to never say "Does my butt look big in this?" I salute her, despite my massive hair envy, and I could watch a show that was just her and Belzer flirting with/picking on each other all day long.  Congratulations... it couldn't happen to a better gal.

Sameena N (Omaha, NE) says:
My fav Melissa Leo role was in Homicide.  I loved the show and her character was both gritty and warm, tough combination but she pulled it off.

Karen H (Texas) says:
I realize I haven't seen much of the wonderful shows Melissa has done, but of the ones I have seen my favorite character is Emma Shannon from the Young Riders.  I loved the way she interacted with all the other characters and was greatly upset when they wrote her out of the show.  It wasn't just the same without Emma looking after the boys. 
Thanks, Melissa, for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

Wendy M (Modesto, CA) says:
My favorite role for Melissa would have to be that of the loving, kind housekeeper/surrogate mother Emma Shannon on the ABC western series The Young Riders.  She along with the other cast and crew members created a show that will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.

Rosalie (Chicago, IL) says:
Just wanted to let you know, Melissa, that I enjoyed your work in TYR and that I was so disappointed to see you were let go after the first season.  You and Brett were an integral part of the show, and I think it was a very big mistake for the producers to release you both.  The show was never the same after that.  I also wanted to say that I'm delighted that you are making a buzz in this new movie "21 Grams."  I wish you all the best of luck and continued success for the future.  God bless!

Lenny D (Mississauga, Ontario) says:
Hello my name is Lenny I have been a big fan of yours for a long time, your work has inspired me and helped me become more confident about my self and who I am, and you inspire me to go for my dreams and never give up no matter what.

Your truly a great person, I am a big fan of all the work you have done. You were amazing in 21 grams it is the best film I have ever seen. Thank you for being who you are.