2011 Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Melissa’s Birthday is September 14!

If you’d like to leave her a birthday message… please comment to this post.


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22 Responses to 2011 Happy Birthday, Melissa!

  1. Ronnie Jett says:

    Happy Birthday Melissa from Ronnie and Denise my ma. Your moms nurse from a few years ago. Congrats on all your sucess, you are very adored :)

  2. Erol says:

    Dear Melissa
    Wishing you a very happy Birthday, have a fantastic day

  3. Felicia Barlow says:

    Happy birthday, Melissa – what a fantastic ride you’ve had! From your independent transgender film / hurricane Isabel friend in Maryland. You are truly a woman of vision.

  4. Vasileios Gkaitatzis says:

    Happy birthday Melissa,i wish much success at your work but above all health and long years in your life with happiness.
    your driver,from thessalonikis-Greece, festival.

  5. celia (vivian) Nickerson says:

    Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy the day.. I remember riding the bus with you, when we both lived out in Westminster West.. You were always laughing and had a big smile. I remember laughing all the way home. Celia

  6. Jack Mulcahy says:

    Happy Birthday, Melissa! Continued good work and happiness…


  7. ashley gandy says:

    happy birthday to my favorite all time actress i love yah. bye

  8. Raquel says:

    Happy Birthday,Melissa!.Have a wonderful day!Congratulations for all your success.

  9. Laureen O' (@ViBarkley) says:

    Happy Birthday Melissa! Hope you have a great day!

  10. Carol Shap says:

    Happy Birthday ! Thanks for all the great characters you have played. I’ve enjoyed them all. Enjoy your day and best wishes for a wonderful year…..Carol Shap (Marc Shap’s mother)

  11. Wendy M says:

    Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope your special day is one filled with love and laughter, and shared with family and friends.

  12. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Melissa!
    Hope you have plans to do something you love.
    Just finished watching “The Space Between”…and as always a brilliant performance by you.
    Peace and Love to Ya!

  13. Dear Melissa,
    Have a great birthday, treat yourself to a splendid week, celebrate all year.
    (We met at Tribeca @The Space Between party. Pic together below).
    Best regards,

  14. Tom Ciuba says:

    Have a very happy birthday! I am one of your biggest, most dedicated fans. Hoping to catch you down in NOLA when I go in November. Your work is sensational!

  15. Hagenista says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Sarge. It was great to see three Homicide alums honored at the Emmys. Congrats to you and Andre Braugher and Michelle Forbes. Just saw Seven Days in Utopia…..very pleased.

  16. Cindy Cancienne says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Melissa. I am sure you enjoyed your day to the fullest. It has been such a great experience watching you work and learning from your work as your stand-in (Welcome to the Rileys, Treme Season 1, and Treme Season 2)

  17. Jed says:

    Just discovered the wonderful work done with several notable stars for the New York Thanks You presenting Sarah Tuft’s play 101 Stories and would like more information regarding Melissa’s comments about that event on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11. As I think it is just one of many of the truly awesome activities she’s involved in recently.

  18. Jed says:

    Someone that is perhaps at least in my view, a kindred spirit of Melissa’s in the World of Art. A man that through his entire existence sought to promote social commentary and dialogue through his depiction of Art. He was a staunch believer in justice and an outspoken critic of War.
    Many aspects of Melissa’s dramatic eloquence and matters her works portend provide insights into someone that has mastered the Art of social conscience.

    A long-time fan.

    Jed Pike

  19. jocuri cu bile bubbles says:

    2011 Happy Birthday, Melissa! | Melissa Leo is a fantastic post. I liked reading this.

  20. Jed says:

    Just purchased ‘Treme’, The First Season. Really enjoying it. The acting on it reminds me of a statement Tina Fey made about a year ago… about non-actors and Improve in general. Though many in Treme are veteran actors, they are visceral as are the newer and guests stars among the show. Really enjoy the music and story-line.

    A long-time fan, Jed

    PS. Would love to see Louis Gossett, Jr. in a guest star appearence on Treme.

  21. jocuri says:

    2011 Happy Birthday, Melissa! | Melissa Leo has been stored as a favorite :) , I like your website!

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