Homicide: Personal Photos from Set (1 of 3)

This lovely lady above is Margaret May. She portrayed Carrie Howard, Kay’s sister in an episode titled, “The Wedding.” (1996)

Look closer at that beautiful beaming face and you’ll wonder how the casting directors ever found such a perfect match for Melissa Leo. Why, the two could be twins!

Okay, you caught us, that IS Melissa Leo.

“When I read the script and heard that Kay Howard’s sister, Carrie, was coming to town, I was mortified as to who might play her and I begged if I could please audition for the part and played it under a pseudonym. I played it under the name of Margaret May.”

When asked if the name had any special significance, Melissa replied, “Doesn’t it sound like a movie star name? It’s my mother’s name and her sister’s name. There’s just something about it that sounded just right to me.”

“What a ball it was, getting to play the two parts. The show is really worth taking a look at to see how they did that. You never even think it’s the same person. My father said, “Melissa, who did they get to play your sister?”

The Photo on this page is the personal property of Melissa and not for use on other sites without her written approval. Thank you

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One Response to Homicide: Personal Photos from Set (1 of 3)

  1. Jed says:

    Actually, while ‘Margaret May’ is a cool movie star sounding name, for the sake of historical accuracy, it would have been even cooler had Mellissa chosen her mother’s aunt’s name… Faye or even her mother’s grandmother’s wonderful sounding name, Fern. Then it could have been Margaret Faye or Margaret Fern, which would have been good psuedonyms as well. Melissa playing her own sister is a testimony to her incredible acting abilities, a rare treat for television audiences.

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