Red State – Interview

The Interview conducted by Travis Johnson begins: Veteran performer – and now Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner for The Fighter – Melissa Leo is warm, welcoming, funny and charming. She’s also remarkably frank, as demonstrated by the conversation she had with us about her role in Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror film Red State, in which she plays Sarah, the blindly obedient daughter to charismatic cult leader Abin Cooper (Tarantino favourite Michael Parks).

Read the Interview about “Red State”

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  1. Renqingduojie says:

    To Melissa Leo,

    I am a movie lover and great fan of you. You are my most favorite actress of all times. Watching you especially in frozen rivers and the fighter is the most inspiring for me. The emotionally profundity and deepness, along with the carefully nuanced and powerful portrait of ordinary life crisises in your acting makes you the No.1 woman in film acting. I just loved to watch you and listen to you.

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